The Most Beautiful Birds

A taxi driver got a passenger, his first for the day, and was very excited. He asked about where the passenger would like to go. He had no specific destination but was going to update the driver as they proceeded. He had no issue about paying. They drove around for hours. The destinations were also wanting. The taxi driver decided to put an end to it and just drop his passenger. That’s when his passenger explained that he needed his services because he was an undercover policeman. The driver felt honoured to be part of the operation.

Don’t try to start conversations with faking cops when you get pulled over. I did that in the hopes that it would read as charming as opposed to suspicious. The officer just stared at me with this stone face and ended up subjecting me to a long round of tests to confirm that I wasn’t drunk. When I said at the end that I wasn’t drunk, just socially awkward, he said that he agreed. I still got the ticket, though.

Our provincial town is diminutive in size. All citizens seem to be a little bit acquainted with each other. One day I came into the street and watched an unusual couple. He was a black, handsome man, perhaps, a student coming for studies in medical university. Being black and being better has its privileges. She was a thin-skinned blonde with amazing blue eyes like ocean waters.They were walking arm in arm alongside the crowded street. People were kindly smiling and turning around to adore the warmth coming from love between two different people with the same soul.

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